We will help you find the best and fastest solution to your hair loss problem.


We provide a solution to your hair loss problem by:

In as much as few hours or a few days, you can get a new set of hair, feel young again, confident and have a redefined image of you.

No pills, No pain, No surgery involved.

Sleep, Shower, Swim…
In whatever daily activities you have, you’ll feel confident, safe and secure that it won’t fall off.

About us

“Allaines Consultancy Inc.” is a Philippine based company that specializes in non-surgical hair replacement and treatments to aid hair loss for both men and women. Our company is made up of consultants who have more than 20 years experience in providing hair treatment and non surgical hair replacement technology. By non-surgical we don’t only refer to the traditional wigs but to a more revolutionize way of hair replacement without the need for taking daily pills of hair transplant surgery, which is much more costly and requires time to heal. All of our products are made to order and we use only finest grade synthetic or human air, clips, tapes and adhesives that have been clinically proven safe and are the top of the line in the industry. We offer three main services: Full or Partial Clip on wigs/toupees, Hair fusion and Hair bonding. All of our products are prove safe and offer fast hair replacement that you can see and feel the results at once. We offer a new redefined image for you.

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"At Allaines, each consultation is treated with utmost confidentiality, please contact us ahead for an appointment"